Growing up on communist Romania, as a teenager Sorin snapped snapshots with his Zenit E camera, developing them in his homemade darkroom built into his family bathroom. After studying Electrical Engineering and Automation, and working onsite in Iraq, Sorin moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and started racing superbikes and building pool cues. In 2006 Sorin picked up a camera again. Rediscovering photography after twenty five years, Sorin has been re-born into the self-taught photographer he is today. Sorin has been focused on developing his creative stamp: part photojournalism, part high fashion, part digital art, all in a saturated, surreal style influenced by those early years of repressed and surreptitious creativity in his make-shift darkroom.

As a first place winner of the Art of Photography contest, Sorin was published in Digital PhotoPro Magazine in January 2010.

In May 2010 Sorin was a runner up in the first ever Benjamin Kanarak Fashion Contest.

In August 2010 Sorin Constantin is inducted in the Digital PhotoPro Magazine HALL OF FAME.

Based in Highland Park, California, Sorin works on projects for museums, foundations, book publishers, editorial and private clients alike.